More than a typical phone system

Cloud PBX is a flexible Unified Communications platform with Enterprise features and service options designed with everyday business use in mind. Fully hosted, maintained, and supported by Fuse Networks, you receive great call quality, industry-leading reliability and an easy-to-manage phone system at a low monthly cost.

fusevoip cloud pbx showcaseslide yealink artCommunicate Anytime, Anywhere

With Cloud PBX you can make and receive your calls anytime, anywhere. Giving you the option of using a desk phone, a PC softphone or your mobile device while enjoying all the features of your business phone system. You can assign a single number with one voicemail that works on all devices, transfer calls between your desk and mobile device, or softphone.

Personal Flexibility

Our reliable, feature-rich hosted phone services adjust as you need them to. We make it easy for our customers to deploy the communication apps and solutions that your business needs, creating an in-office experience right at your fingertips, wherever you are on whichever device you choose. Commonly used features include: full call center capabilities, call queuing, find me follow me and more.

One Low Price you can Understand

Because we don't believe in confusing bundles or complicated licensing, you can take advantage of all our features for one, low price. When you need help, simply call our support team and we’ll answer any questions related to your Cloud PBX, devices, or features at no additional cost.

Business Continuity

Eliminate operational loss should part of your office communications network go down. In the event of a natural disaster, power outage or other disruption, the Cloud PBX Auto Attendant will continue to manage your calls for and with mobility you can still receive all your calls on your mobile phone.

Up and Running in Minutes

With Cloud PBX it’s never been easier to get up and running quickly. Simply plug your IP Phones into your network, log in with your provided access information and start making calls. It’s that simple. For qualifying customers that need assistance, our trained professionals will guide you through Installing your new devices.

Take advantage of Unified Communications (UC) and the seamless integration of voice, presence, chat, and data with other applications to improve your communication processes and business productivity.

fuse voip cloud pbx phone icon

Get unlimited auto attendants, extensions, and mailboxes— all configured to meet your exact requirements. You’ll be able to utilize an unlimited combination of IP desk phones and softphones, while seamlessly integrating your call flow with your wireless technologies.

fuse voip cloud pbx cell icon

Mobility is paramount in today’s business world. Keep your company connected with a wide array of mobile features from simultaneous ring to remote call control to help you conduct business anywhere through any device.

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Our products and services are customer tested and approved. We have enabled countless businesses to improve their communication channels easily, and effectively, to transform their business into a competitive powerhouse. With a full range of front and back-office features, you can rest easy knowing your business has the tools to be communicate.

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We’ve created several plugins and applications to help you such as click to dial, screen pops, call logging, and presence. The Operator console delivers all this and live visibility into your account for call control, call parking, visual voicemails and much more.

Cloud PBX boasts many business-friendly capabilities that would incur a premium charge from a traditional telephone provider, assuming that the provider would offer them in the first place. Because we don't believe in confusing bundles or complicated licensing, you will be able to take advantage of all our features for one, low price.

PBX Features

  • Contiguous US/CAN unlimited minutes
  • Phone Number: Port Existing or Get New
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Recording
  • Call Parking
  • Call Hold
  • Call Waiting
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Mobile/ Web Softphone
  • Virtual Voicemail Box
  • Follow Me / Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail Indicator
  • Call Screening / Blocking
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Directory Assistance (411)
  • Emergency Assistance (911)
  • Custom Music on Hold (MOH)
  • Custom CallerID
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Auto Attendants
  • Many, Many More!

Using our simple and intuitive web portal you can quickly create new ring groups, move extensions, edit users and much more. Changes can be made by office administrators in seconds rather than requiring expensive IT support that can take days.

fuse voip cloud pbx graphic laptop

Portal Features

  • Call Log / Call DetailRecords
  • Device Management
  • Call Statistics
  • Call Reports
  • Call Recording / Download
  • Call Screening List
  • Phone Management
  • Voicemail Management
  • Call ForwardingManagement
  • WebRTC Browser Phone
  • Conference Bridge Control

How To Switch

Interested in switching to Fuse VoIP? Call (855) GET-FUSE to receive a customized quote detailing the benefits of utilizing our innovative products and services. When you’re ready, we’ll install your new phone system with ZERO down-time, so you can get back to business

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Cloud PBX Feature Keep your Numbers

Cloud PBX Feature Reduce Phone Costs

Cloud PBX Feature Connect Anywhere

Cloud PBX Feature Protect your Business

Standard IP Phones for Everyday Use

Yealink T57W

fuse networks cloud pbx T57W

The T57W IP Phone is an Executive Touchscreen Color IP Phone. This phone offers a 7” 800x480px color touch screen, Optima HD voice, 2X Gigabit LAN –Ports (PoE), 1x USB Port, Built-in Bluetooth and Wireless, Up to 6 SIP accounts.

Yealink T31G

fuse networks clooud pbx T31G

The T-31G is an Entry Level IP Phone. This phone offers a 2.3” graphical display with backlight, up to 3 SIP lines, EHS Supported Headsets, stand with 2 adjustable angles, PoE, Gigabit Ethernet, Opus support.

Yealink WH66 Teams Headset

fuse networks clooud pbx SIP WH66

The Yealink DECT wireless headset WH66 gives users the possibility and flexibility to connect devices, and manage communications from a single device, and act as a hub that integrate a full-duplex speakerphone.

Yealink T54W

fuse networks clooud pbx SIP T54W

The T54W IP Phone is an Executive Color IP Phone for business. This phone offers 4.3” 480x272px color display with backlight, Optima HD voice, dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, integrated PoE, Built-in Bluetooth and Wireless, up to 6 SIP accounts, full-duplex speakerphone.

Yealink W76P

fuse networks clooud pbx SIP W76P

The W76P is a Wireless IP DECT handset for mobile workers. Supporting up to 10 handsets, 10 SIP accounts and 20 concurrent calls, 30 hours talk time with Quick Charging: 10-min charge time for 2-hours talk time.

Yealink WH62 Teams Headset

fuse networks clooud pbx Polycom SoundStation IP 5000

The Yealink WH62 is a new entry-level DECT wireless headset, with WH62 Dual and WH62 Mono two models. Work seamlessly with major UC platforms and integrate natively with Yealink IP phones.

Yealink T53W

fuse networks clooud pbx SIP T53W

The T53W IP Phone is a Business IP phone for business. This phone offers 3.7” 360x2160px backlit display, up to 12 SIP accounts, built-in USB port , Bluetooth, and Wireless.

Yealink CP935W

fuse networks clooud pbx SIP CP935W

The CP935W is a wireless touch-sensitive HD conference phone designed for small to medium conference room. It offers a fingerprint-proof LCD display, built-in battery and Wi-Fi, 6 built in microphones and built-in Bluetooth.

Yealink WH63 Teams Headset

fuse networks clooud pbx WH63

The Yealink WH63 is a new entry-level convertible DECT wireless headset. Work seamlessly with major UC platforms and integrate natively with Yealink IP Phones.

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